Chapter 31 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 31

Ishmael takes his mother back to his apartment so they can weather the storm together. He remembers his father as a kind, honest, hardworking man. His father had talked with him about island life, and told him, "An enemy on an island is an enemy forever." Chapter 31, pg. 439 He was a gifted editorialist who saw both sides of most issues.

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Ishmael remembers walking with his father and hearing people say they were just the same, Ishmael and Arthur. People had said that Ishmael had his father's conscience. Now, Ishmael wonders if this is true. He still has the coast guard notes. "The war, his arm, the course of things--it had all made his heart much smaller." Chapter 31, pg. 442 Ishmael reads the old letter from Hatsue another time, realizing that she had once respected him, and he had lost his own self-respect. He looks in on his sleeping mother, and is struck by his attachment to her.

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Ishmael walks to Hatsue's parents house. It is 10:30 at night, but he seems to have no choice but to speak with her. He shows her and her parents the coast guard notes.

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