Chapter 30 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 30

The courtroom is kept open because the the townspeople have no other warm place to go. Ishmael sits watching Hatsue, knowing that all he has to do is give the judge the coast guard notes and the trial will be over. She approaches him, saying again that the trial is unfair. He tells her he is going to his mother's house, and she can come there if she wants to speak to him.

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The jurors have decided on Kabuo's guilt--all but one man, who has doubts. The others argue that one can doubt anything, but eventually, a decision has to be made. They begin to get impatient, especially when at six the court closes for the night, but the single juror will not budge. As long as there are doubts in his mind, he refuses to decide on Kabuo's guilt. "If I feel doubt, that's all that matters, right?" Chapter 30, pg. 29

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