Chapter 28 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 28

Kabuo tells this story on the witness stand. Alvin Hooks is very suspicious, and can't understand why Kabuo would not have told the truth from the very beginning of the investigation. He explains that after he lent his battery to Carl Heine, he went home and put a new one from his shed into his boat. Hooks demands to know why Kabuo keeps changing his story, and Kabuo responds that he doesn't remember everything. Hooks continues, "You're a hard man to trust, Mr. Miyamoto. You sit before us with no expression, keeping a poker face through--" Chapter 28, pg. 412 Nels objects to this sort of statement. Kabuo is permitted to step down, and the court gets a good look at him. "He was, they decided, not like them at all, and the detached and aloof manner in which he watched the snowfall made this palpable and self-evident." Chapter 28, pg. 412

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