Chapter 27 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 27

Kabuo remembers how he lied to everyone in the beginning of the trial, even Nels. He told them that he had not seen Carl Heine that night. Nels quickly figured out he was lying, and begged him to tell the truth. Kabuo claims he had to lie. "We're sly and treacherous. Can't trust a Jap, can you?" Chapter 27, pg. 391 Kabuo knows about the silent racism that pervades the island. Nevertheless, he tells Nels the truth.

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Kabuo remembers the dense fog of the night Carl died. He waits for salmon and is grateful for each one he catches, knowing it brings him closer to buying his land back. He comes upon Carl Heine, his boat drifting, his battery dead. Kabuo goes aboard Carl's boat. Kabuo's battery does not fit in Carl's boat; Carl hammers it down with Kabuo's gaff to make it fit, and cuts himself in the process, getting blood on the gaff. Kabuo hopes that Carl will bring up the matter of the land, and finally Carl does. They exchange racial slurs--Carl calls Kabuo a "Jap" and Kabuo points out that Carl could be called a "Nazi" because he is German--and then they agree on a price. Carl will sell Kabuo seven acres for $8,500.00, eight hundred dollars down payment.

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