Chapter 22 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 22

Judge Fielding requests to see both lawyers as the court takes a recess. Ishmael walks out into the storm to check on his mother. He also takes some pictures of car accidents caused by the storm. Driving around the snow-covered town, Ishmael thinks, "The world was one world, and the notion that a man might kill another over some small patch of it did not make sense--though Ishmael knew that such things happened." Chapter 22, pg. 321 Suddenly Ishmael comes up Hisao Imada and his daughter Hatsue trying to dig his car out of the snow. Ishmael drives Hisao and Hatsue to Hisao's home. Hatsue asks him to talk about how unfair the trial is in his newspaper. Ishmael wonders aloud if anyone can expect fairness, and when Hatsue says they can, Ishmael agrees with her bitterly. He seems to be saying something about the way she treated him.

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