Chapter 20 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 20

Alvin Hooks finishes his prosecution with his most valuable witness: Susan Marie Heine. Susan Marie remembers that soon before Carl died, Kabuo came to see him. He seemed uncomfortable. Susan Marie also remembers how she met Carl. She was twenty and had wanted to be with him in a way she did not want other men. She remembers now that their sex life was at the center of their marriage, and wonders what would have happened if it had gone bad. She remembers that in just a few minutes after he arrived, Kabuo was gone, and Carl would not really tell her what they had talked about at first. Finally he explained that Kabuo wanted the land, and that Carl said he would have to talk to Susan Marie and think about it--particularly because of the 'mean faces' Kabuo had been making at Etta. Kabuo had gone away angry. Carl told Susan Marie that he didn't like Kabuo much anymore, even though they were friends as children--didn't like the way Kabuo acted as if the seven acres were already his.

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