Chapter 18 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 18

The day Carl's body is discovered, Art Moran goes to see Judge Fielding. He asks for a search warrant for Kabuo's boat. Etta Heine had told him about the feud between the Heines and the Miyamotos, and Horace Whaley had told him about how a kendo stick could have made the wound on Carl's head. The judge reluctantly agrees, though he does not feel the evidence against Miyamoto is strong.

Art Moran and Abel Martinson search Kabuo Miyamoto's boat. Kabuo is irked and impatient, but respectful. Then the policemen find blood on a fishing gaff. Kabuo says it is fish blood, but Art tells him he is under arrest anyway, just to prevent him from sailing to Canada that night. Art begins for the first time to think of the situation as a murder. "Here was the Jap with the bloody gun butt Horace had suggested he look for." Chapter 18, pg. 269

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