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Sons and Lovers Objects/Places

The ash-tree: The ash-tree is located outside the Morels' second home. The children come to associate the ash-tree with the dark, forbidding footsteps of their father coming home in a drunken fit. The children hate the tree; Morel loves it. Paul is frightened by the shrieking noises the tree makes at night.

Mrs. Morel's umbrella: William gives his mother an umbrella for Christmas the first year he is in London. Mrs. Morel cherishes the umbrella deeply. Later, Paul and his friends go for a walk when one of his friends breaks the umbrella.

Bird's nest: Mrs. Leivers insists that Paul see this nest made by a jenny wren. Mrs. Leivers is intensely fascinated by this nest, but Miriam loves it all the more when Paul admits that the nest is striking.

Miriam's swing: Miriam finally faces her fear of Paul's rejection and asks him if he wants to see the swing on her family's farm. When Paul rides it happily, Miriam sees how his face is flushed and his eyes are sparkling. She offers to let him ride again- it is the first time she gets to spoil a man.

Miriam's rose-bush: Miriam shows Paul the beautiful rose-bush she finds in the woods. She becomes so absorbed in the beauty and the fragrance of the roses that Paul cannot stand to see her so emotional and passionate.

Clara's wedding ring: Clara absentmindedly takes her ring off and spins it. Paul watches her spin the ring with fascination.

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