Scene 5 Notes from A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 5

Blanche is fanning herself as she writes a letter in the house. She laughs as she tells Stella how much of a liar she is as she writes the fictitious letter to Shep Huntleigh about visiting him and his millions in Dallas.

Topic Tracking: Lies/Honesty 3
Topic Tracking: Loneliness 5

Offstage Eunice and Steve argue upstairs about a blonde that he has been chasing around. Someone is hit and she runs down the stairs onto the stage threatening to call the police.

Topic Tracking: Violence 6

Stanley enters in his bowling outfit, asking what's going on. Stella laughs and says that Eunice left to get a drink at the Four Deuces. Steve shows up with a bruised forehead, running after her.

Blanche asks Stanley what sign he is born under, guessing Aries because they are forceful and like to bang things around. Stella says he was born five minutes after Christmas, to which Blanche states that he is a Capricorn, a goat. Stanley asks her what she is and she tells them that her birthday is next week and that she is a Virgo - virgin. He laughs and asks her if she knows a man named Shaw. Her face changes and she tries to cover up knowing him by responding in ignorance. Stanley tells her that his friend Shaw always goes into Laurel and believes that he knows her from a hotel called the Flamingo. Blanche responds that she would never be seen in an establishment with the reputation of the Hotel Flamingo. Her voice has a note of fear. Stanley walks offstage without kissing Stella.

Topic Tracking: Lies/Honesty 4
Topic Tracking: Opposing Backgrounds 8
Topic Tracking: Sexuality 8

Blanche is worried and asks Stella what she has heard about her. Her defenses come out as she tells Stella that her life was very hard after she lost Belle Reve and that her looks went away and she was not well. Stella tells her that she doesn't like to listen to her when she is in her morbid moods.

Stella gets the coke for Blanche and as she pours it into a cup, it spills on her dress. Blanche screams. Stella wonders why Blanche is acting so peculiarly and asks what is on her mind. They talk about Mitch and relationships. Blanche admits her feelings to Stella about Mitch: "What I mean is - he thinks I'm sort of - prim and proper, you know! I want to deceive him enough to make him - want me..." Scene 5, pg. 194. Stella asks Blanche if she honestly wants Mitch. Blanche doesn't respond and Stella leaves with Stanley to get a drink at the Four Deuces. They kiss amiably before Stella walks offstage.

Topic Tracking: Lies/Honesty 5
Topic Tracking: Opposing Backgrounds 9

Blanche is left alone in the house. A young man collecting money for The Evening Star knocks on the door, surprising an upset Blanche. She teases him and then flirts with him, seeing his youthful beauty. He lights her cigarette. Seducing him for a kiss, she touches his face and lips before she forces him to leave. "Now run along, now, quickly! It would be nice to keep you, but I've got to be good - and keep my hands off children." Scene 5, pg. 196. Mitch arrives with a handful of roses after the boy exits the stage.

Topic Tracking: Sexuality 9

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