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Silas Marner Topic Tracking: Trust

Trust 1: Silas does not see that William Dane is not the pious, giving man Silas thinks he is. Blinded by his faith in his friends and his religion, Silas sees only the best in all people. His friendship with William is genuine and pure, unlike William. Silas trusts William explicitly.

Trust 2: Betrayed by William's false accusation and Sarah's broken engagement, Silas feels that he can never trust anyone nor his religion again. He leaves Lantern Yard to escape all the injustices Lantern Yard has brought upon him.

Trust 3: In Raveloe, Silas feels that God hides from him. Feeling incredibly betrayed, and that God has wronged him, Silas is bitter in trusting his religion again.

Trust 4: Silas leaves his door unlocked because he trusts that no one would be outside walking in this snowy, misty weather and therefore would not come in and steal his gold. However, Dunsey takes advantage of Silas's trusting nature and shamelessly runs off with Silas's gold.

Trust 5: Silas rushes off to town to report his stolen money. He does not wish for anyone to get punished, and all he wants is his gold returned. His faith in people makes him believe that people will return his money, because it is the right thing to do.

Trust 6: The townspeople trust Silas's explanation of the stolen money, for they feel sorry for him and pity that he has been robbed. That the villagers trust Silas indicates to him that people are capable of trusting and feeling.

Trust 7: Godfrey has faith that Silas can take care of the little girl, which makes him happy. Entrusting his daughter to Silas, Godfrey is free to concentrate on winning Nancy's love. He feels comfortable leaving the girl in Silas's care and has no qualms in acknowledging the girl as his own daughter.

Trust 8: Silas trusts Dolly's advice when caring for children, so he goes along with her idea to have Eppie christened. He is doubtful of the idea, but Dolly's conviction that good will come to Eppie once she is christened assures him.

Trust 9: Silas believes that Eppie's love has made him accept the power of trust again. Now that Eppie is staying with Silas, Silas knows that he can trust religion and the world. He must trust a God that sent Eppie to him.

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