Chapter 9 Notes from Silas Marner

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Silas Marner Chapter 9

Godfrey talks with his father the next morning, admitting that Dunsey had killed Wildfire before he could get paid. Squire Cass is enraged to hear that his tenant, Fowler, had paid his share, but had given the money to Godfrey, who in turn had given it to Dunsey instead of the squire. The squire scolds Godfrey mercilessly for having the gall to give the money to the reckless and ruthless Dunsey. When the squire asks why Godfrey had given Dunsey the money, Godfrey after some hesitation replies that the money is a part of a trivial matter between them. Squire Cass tells his son that he does not have the courage to ask for Nancy Lammeter's hand in marriage, and snidely offers to ask her for him. Godfrey replies uneasily that he can ask Nancy on his own and asks his father not to mention their conversation to anyone else. Squire Cass firmly tells him that he will do whatever he wants.

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