Chapter 8 Notes from Silas Marner

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Silas Marner Chapter 8

Godfrey, as with other Raveloe townspeople, is eager to discuss Silas's stolen money. He goes to the Stone-pits and Silas's cottage, where the townspeople agree that it would be hard to solve the mystery. The rain from the previous night has washed away all footprints in that area, except for a tinderbox lying there. Mr. Snell, the landlord of the Rainbow, remembers that a peddler who had come to Raveloe earlier that month carried a tinderbox. Other townspeople remember the peddler, but they all think that the idea of the peddler stealing Silas's money is useless, as Silas generally ignores the activities of the people around him and would not notice if the peddler were lurking around his house. Worried about Dunsey's disappearance because of the money from Wildfire, Godfrey decides to go to Batherley himself to see what is taking Dunsey so long to sell Wildfire. On the way to Batherley, he encounters Bryce, who informs Godfrey that Dunsey had killed his horse. Not surprised as to Dunsey's disappearance when he hears of Wildfire's death, Godfrey chides himself for allowing Dunsey to sell the horse alone. Rather than have Dunsey tell their father the whole story, he decides to come clean with the truth. Later, Godfrey hopes that if Dunsey does not return within a few days, their father might not care about the money.

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