Chapter 5 Notes from Silas Marner

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Silas Marner Chapter 5

Silas is walking home, thinking about his hot supper of meat, which Priscilla Lammeter had given him for the linen he had made her. He had gone to town to buy a piece of twine that he would need for his weaving the next day. He had left the door to his home unlocked because no one had ever attempted to rob him before in all the years he lived in Raveloe. Certainly the bad weather would prevent anyone from walking out so far as his home to steal his money.

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The very thought of his money gives him reason to look at his pile and admire it while eating his supper. To his great horror and despair, he finds the money gone. Terribly frightened that his eyes might be deceiving him, he starts searching his house. When he at last admits that the money is not in his house, he lets out a wild cry of desperation and desolation. Silas decides to go to town to report the robbery. He does not want to punish anyone for the crime, for all he wants is his money back.

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