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Silas Marner Conclusion

The day of Eppie's wedding is beautiful and warm. Eppie tells Silas that she will always be with him, and Aaron will be with Silas as well. She looks ethereal and angel-like in her wedding gown, provided by Mrs. Godfrey Cass. Mr. Lammeter and Priscilla accompany Nancy to the wedding, for Godfrey is suddenly out of town. Priscilla wishes that Nancy might have had the chance of having and raising a child as wonderful as Eppie. Both high-class society and the workingclass see Eppie and Aaron's bridal party. Mr. Macey is happy that he has lived to see Silas's stolen money returned to him. The bridal party is all in agreement that Silas has brought a blessing to himself by being a father to a lone, deserted child. Silas and Eppie declare that their home at the Stone-pits is the best place for them.

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