Chapter 15 Notes from Silas Marner

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Silas Marner Chapter 15

Godfrey watches Silas's loving care of Eppie more carefully than anybody else in Raveloe, but he does not regret acknowledging that she is his daughter. He sees that Eppie is content with Silas, and he is happy knowing that she is cared for so well. Adding to his happiness is that Dunsey still has not returned to Raveloe, and he feels that he will get all of what he wished: Nancy's love and the approval of the townspeople. Godfrey envisions a life with Nancy at his side and their beloved children, as he promises to himself that he will see that Eppie is well taken care of. "He would never forget it; he would see that it was well provided for. That was a father's duty." Chapter 15, pg. 162.

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