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The Scarlet Letter Topic Tracking: Wild

Wild 1: Chillingworth mentions that he has learned many valuable things during his stay in the woods with the Indians.

Wild 2: Governor Bellingham's highly cultivated English Garden cannot survive in the wilds of the New World.

Wild 3: When Hester calls on Governor Bellingham to plead for keeping her daughter, Pearl screams wildly, disobeying her mother's command that she behave appropriately.

Wild 4: Governor Bellingham and his entourage describe Pearl as looking like a wild bird in the red and gold dress Hester has made for her.

Wild 5: Chillingworth observes that Dimmesdale has a strong animal aspect to his personality.

Wild 6: The meteor, a recognized and closely followed wild phenomenon, flashes an "A" across the sky.

Wild 7: Chillingworth gathers wild herbs for his remedies.

Wild 8: While playing, Pearl hits a bird with a stone, then stops suddenly when she hurts it, saddened that she has hurt something as wild as she.

Wild 9: Pearl returns from playing in the forest decked out in all sorts of wildflowers and greenery.

Wild 10: Hester feels estranged from Pearl as Pearl runs through the forest, entirely at home. When Pearl runs to greet her mother and Dimmesdale in the forest, she stops short on the far side of a little brook, too wild to enter the area where Hester and Dimmesdale are sitting. Dimmesdale worries out loud "that thou canst never meet thy Pearl again."

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