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The Scarlet Letter Topic Tracking: Burning

Burning 1: The narrator puts the tattered scarlet letter to his chest and feels a burning sensation in his body.

Burning 2: Hester, speaking about the effect of the scarlet letter, says that it is branded deeply, and cannot be removed simply by ceasing to wear the piece of cloth.

Burning 3: Townspeople claim that the scarlet letter glows and burns and is magic.

Burning 4: Pearl is described as having fire in her.

Burning 5: The red-hot brand of the scarlet letter is said to have dried Hester up.

Burning 6: Chillingworth appears as if his soul is on fire.

Burning 7: In a large and unfamiliar crowd, Hester's letter is the subject of much excitement. It feels to her as if it is burning.

Burning 8: Dimmesdale, as he leaves the church after the Election Sermon, looks as if all the red has drained from his cheeks - they are almost deathlike.

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