Chapter 4 Notes from The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter Chapter 4

That evening in the jail cell, Hester is in a nervous and hyper state. Her daughter is screaming as well. Master Brackett, the jailer, is worried about the health of his inmates, and decides to bring a physician to see them. Roger Chillingworth, who had arrived earlier in the day, had nowhere to stay that night, and so had been housed in the jail. He had introduced himself as a physician by trade, and mentioned that he had learned a number of valuable treatments from the Indians, in addition to his European training. Brackett brings Chillingworth to Hester's jail cell, and then leaves them alone. Chillingworth examines the baby, mixes a medicinal drink, and hands it to Hester, so that she may feed the baby. Chillingworth refuses to feed the baby because he is not the father. Hester fears that Chillingworth is intending to kill the child, but he reassures her that he is not. After drinking the medicine, Pearl quiets down immediately.

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