Chapter 18 Notes from The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter Chapter 18

An incredible weight has been lifted from Hester's shoulders by her and Dimmesdale's decision to leave the colony. Hester unpins the scarlet letter from her dress and throws it aside. It lands very near to the brook. She then uncovers her hair and lets it fall over her shoulders. "There played around her mouth, and beamed out of her eyes, a radiant and tender smile, that seemed gushing form the very heart of womanhood. A crimson flush was glowing on her cheek, that had been long so pale." Chapter 18, pg. 185.

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Hester then calls Pearl back from her play in the forest, where she had decked herself in all sorts of flowers and greenery. Pearl approaches slowly at the sight of Arthur Dimmesdale.

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