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The Sun Also Rises Topic Tracking: Anti-Semitism

Chapter 1

Anti-Semitism 1: Jake comments that Cohn was more attractive after he got his nose flattened. Jake only makes a few anti-Semitic comments, but he never objects to any that his friends make either.

Chapter 2

Anti-Semitism 2: When Cohn won't give up his idea of a trip to South America, Jake comments: "He had a hard, Jewish, stubborn streak." Chapter 2, pg. 10 Cohn is not just stubborn, he is Jewish and stubborn.

Chapter 10

Anti-Semitism 3: Both Bill and Jake are annoyed when Cohn acts like he knows more about their friends then they do. They do not like the idea that a Jew could be higher than they in their group's pecking order. Bill wishes Cohn would stop acting "superior and Jewish."

Anti-Semitism 4: Jake does not hate the count, who asked Brett to marry him. He does not get angry at his friend Bill for flirting with Brett. He shows no hostility toward Mike, Brett's fiancé, and he even sets up Brett and Romero. It is only Cohn's love and desire for Brett that irritates Jake. Cohn, a Jew and therefore an outsider, is not entitled to a woman from their group.

Anti-Semitism 5: Bill, who hates Cohn, suggests sarcastically that Jake invite some more of his Jewish friends. They both comment on how all their Jewish friends are pains to have around.

Chapter 13

Anti-Semitism 6: Mike admits that Brett has had affairs before. But having an affair with a Jew, who won't leave her alone, is the worst thing she's ever done. Mike feels threatened that someone from outside their group had an affair with Brett. Cohn's continued presence intensifies the threat, and Mike behaves terribly.

Chapter 15

Anti-Semitism 7: Cohn says he's afraid the bull-fight will bore him, which makes him look very foolish. In private Bill complains again to Jake about Cohn's "Jewish superiority." His criticism of something the group enjoys brands him as more of an outsider.

Anti-Semitism 8: During the bull-fight, when Jake asks Bill if he thought Cohn was bored, Bill calls Cohn a kike, a derogatory term for Jew.

Chapter 16

Anti-Semitism 9: Mike, angry with Brett, takes it out on Cohn. He tells him to take his "sad Jewish face" and leave.

Anti-Semitism 10: Brett complains about having Cohn, a Jew, hanging around her. She didn't mind the count, Jake, or Mike, but Cohn is different.

Chapter 17

Anti-Semitism 11: Mike complains that there is only trouble when Brett dates bad sorts of people, like Jews and bull-fighters. It is obvious why Mike hates bull-fighters; he is terribly jealous of the young, attractive, and talented Romero. Cohn, on the other hand, is bad for Brett because of his Jewishness.

Chapter 18

Anti-Semitism 12: Mike again refers to Cohn as a Jew.

Chapter 19

Anti-Semitism 13: Mike complains about how much money you have to give to the Jews. He realizes that his taxes are actually paid to Scotsmen, but he doesn't really care. He just takes another opportunity to insult Jews.

Anti-Semitism 14: Brett describes her time with Cohn as something that had to be wiped away by another lover. It is as though Cohn left a residue behind him, and Brett needed to get clean.

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