Chapter 5 Notes from The Sun Also Rises

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The Sun Also Rises Chapter 5

The next morning Jake goes out for breakfast. The streets are busy with people and merchants. He walks to the office, happy to be going to work. He writes for a few hours, then goes to listen to a speech by a diplomat. He rides back to the office with two other newspapermen, Woolsey and Krum. They have families, and wonder where Jake spends his nights. Jake leaves their company and goes back to the office, and Robert Cohn is there. They go out for hors d'oeuvres. Cohn is still having trouble with his book. Jake asks him if he's still thinking about going to South America. Cohn wants to, but feels he can't because of Frances. Frances wouldn't like the trip, and he can't leave her because of his obligations toward her. He thinks she is holding him back, but really it's himself.

Cohn asks Jake what he knows about Brett. Jake tells him she's nice, and she's going to marry Mike Campbell, who's in Scotland now. Cohn lists Brett's admirable qualities, then tells Jake he thinks he's in love with her. Jake, jealous and annoyed, changes his tone. He tells Cohn that Brett is a drunk, and she's going to marry a soon-to-be wealthy man. Cohn, the romantic, doesn't think she'll marry Mike. She married her first husband, Lord Ashley, after her true love died. Cohn says he can't believe Brett would marry someone she didn't love. But Jake tells him she's done it twice. Brett Ashley is not the right person to have romantic notions about, but Cohn doesn't care. Like a knight standing up for his lady, Cohn gets mad at Jake for insulting Brett. Jake insists he was just telling the truth. But Cohn won't let up and Jake tells him to go to hell. Cohn, looking ridiculous, stands up and angrily demands Jake take it back. Not what he said about Brett, surprisingly, but about him going to hell. Jake, somewhat amused, takes it back, and Cohn sits down again. Cohn tells Jake he shouldn't be so insulting, and Jake tells him he doesn't mean things like that. Then Cohn tells Jake he's his best friend. Jake pities him for this. After lunch, they go and get coffee, and then Jake returns to the office.

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