Chapter 11 Notes from The Sun Also Rises

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The Sun Also Rises Chapter 11

That afternoon Bill and Jake board the bus to Burguete. The bus is very crowded, with people sitting on the roof and the floor. Jake buys a couple bottles of wine and joins Bill on the bus. Cohn waits to see them off. There are many Basque peasants on the bus, and they are drinking from wine-skins, which they offer to Bill and Jake. When Jake takes a drink, the Basque makes a loud sound, causing Jake to spill wine on himself. He tricks Jake with this again later, but it is all in good fun. Jake and Bill enjoy their company. Wine is the currency, and Jake and Bill offer theirs, and drink from the peasants. When the bus finally leaves, the Basques wave good-bye to Cohn, but Jake and Bill do not. They move into the countryside, and there is a cool breeze on top of the bus, where they're sitting.

Bill and Jake try to learn how to drink properly from the wine-skins. You have to raise it high above you, and let it spurt into your mouth. Someone demonstrates, taking a long drink from his friend's wine-skin. They pass through the green lands to an area that is barren and dusty. When they drive into a town, they are suddenly in a fertile valley with a nice stream. They stop at a posada, and Jake and Bill have a drink. Some of the Basques come in, and they buy Jake and Bill a drink, who in turn buy them one.

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After this brief stop the bus heads out again. Bill is talking to one of the Basques, and another starts speaking to Jake in English. He wants to talk about America. The Basque was there a long time ago, but he hasn't been recently because his wife doesn't like to travel. They are both going to see the bull-fights in Pamplona, and Jake tells him about fishing in Burguete. It is a very short conversation, as speaking in English seems to tire out the Basque.

They climb higher into the mountains, passing forests and plains before they reach Burguete. They see the monastery of Roncesvalles. The bus stops in Burguete, and Jake and Bill walk to the inn. It was very cold in Burguete, and inside their hotel rooms. The rate is not cheap, so Bill and Jake make sure to drink lots of the inn's wine to even up the price. Jake and Bill have some dinner, a lot of wine, and then climb into bed to keep warm. Jake feels content.

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