Chapter 10 Notes from The Sun Also Rises

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The Sun Also Rises Chapter 10

The next morning they have breakfast and walk around the town. They arrange for a car to take them to Pamplona, and have a drink in a pleasant café. They go back to the hotel to settle the bill before the car shows up, and Jake sees a big cockroach on the floor. Despite this, Jake insists it was a very clean hotel. Jake often tries to ignore the bad and focus on the good. The car shows up and they head out into the green hills. This is near the north of Spain, Basque country, and there are lots of farms and villages nestled in the pleasant hills. The car crosses the border into Spain. While they wait at the border crossing, and old man with a goat tries to cross, but he has no passport. The border police expect he will just cross somewhere else, illegally. They don't really care.

Everything checks out and they drive into Spain. They drive through the mountains, and when they come out the land looks fertile and green. They follow the white road over some hills and past a castle. Jake turns around and Cohn is asleep, missing the whole show. Jake does not wake him. He sees Pamplona in the distance. They drive into town, past the bull-ring, and stop in front of the Hotel Montoya. They sit in the downstairs dining room, which is nice and cool, and they have lunch, a big Spanish meal. Cohn doesn't want all the meat, but Bill and Jake refuse to interpret for him. Cohn acts strangely, because he doesn't know if Jake and Bill know about his time with Brett.

Jake mentions that Mike and Brett should arrive tonight, but Cohn says he doesn't think they will. Cohn says this as though he knows something Jake and Bill don't. They are annoyed. Bill bets that they will arrive tonight, and Cohn agrees to the bet. Jake tries to calm them down, but the bet is on. They go for coffee, and Cohn goes out to look for a barbershop, so he can look nice for Brett.

With Cohn gone, Bill asks Jake if he thinks he'll win the bet. Jake is doubtful; Brett and Mike are always late. But Bill couldn't help but bet, he was so annoyed with Cohn and his attitude.

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In the afternoon Bill went to write letters and Cohn, finding all the barbershops closed, went home for a bath. Jake walks around town, and goes to see the man who orders his tickets for the bull-fights. After this Jake sees a cathedral, and he goes inside to pray. A lapsed Catholic, Jake's prayer goes a little off course, as he eventually ends up praying for money. Then he starts thinking more about how he could make money than about prayer. So he leaves, a bit disgusted with himself.

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That night at dinner, Cohn is very well-groomed, and this makes Jake angry. He knows it's for Brett's benefit. They are still eating when the train arrives, so Cohn offers to meet it, and Jake won't let him go alone. Bill stays and finishes dinner. Waiting at the train, Jake notices that:

"I have never seen a man in civil life as nervous as Robert Cohn--nor as eager. I was enjoying it. It was lousy to enjoy it, but I felt lousy. Cohn had a wonderful quality of bringing out the worst in anybody." Chapter 10, pg. 98

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The train arrives, but Brett and Mike are not on it. Cohn offers to forgive the bet, but Bill is too proud. They receive a telegram from Brett and Mike, saying they have stopped for the night in San Sebastian. Jake takes some pleasure in mentioning to Cohn that Brett is in San Sebastian with another man: "I was blind, unforgivingly jealous of what had happened to him. The fact that I took it as a matter of course did not alter that any. I certainly did hate him." Chapter 10, pg. 99

They plan to leave the next day for Burguete to start their fishing trip. Jake turns in early, and Bill and Cohn stay out late together. In the morning Jake buys the tickets for Burguete. But Cohn isn't going with them. He tells Jake that he's going to San Sebastian. He thinks Brett and Mike are waiting for him there. He tells Jake that he wrote Brett suggesting they meet there. Cohn doesn't care if Jake knows about him and Brett, and Jake is very annoyed, but says nothing. Jake goes to find Bill, and Cohn searches for a barbershop again.

Jake finds Bill in the hotel and tells him about Cohn. Last night, Cohn took great pleasure in spilling to Bill all the secrets about his affair with Brett. Cohn told Bill he had a date with Brett at San Sebastian, and Jake gets mad. They complain some more about Cohn. Bill had an awful night with him; Cohn only wanted to talk about Brett. Jake tells Bill about the trip Cohn and Brett took to San Sebastian. Bill is surprised, because Brett could be with anyone. Bill is glad Cohn isn't coming along, and he thinks a nice fishing trip, with lots of wine to drink, will make things better. They head out for a drink.

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