Chapter 9 Notes from The Sun Also Rises

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The Sun Also Rises Chapter 9

Jake receives a letter from Cohn, who is vacationing in the country. He wants to know when to come back for the fishing trip. Jake writes back to tell him he and Bill are leaving soon, and will meet him in Bayonne, then travel to Pamplona. He sends the note, then goes out to see Mike and Brett. Mike asks Jake if he would mind if they went with him on his trip to Spain. Jake says okay, and Mike presses him to make sure it's all right. Brett is annoyed that Mike put Jake in this awkward position. Jake tells Mike when he and Bill are arriving, and they make plans for meeting in Bayonne. They discuss what to bring, and Brett sounds excited. Then Mike heads to the barbershop, and Jake walks Brett back to her hotel so she can take a bath.

Brett asks Jake if Cohn will be coming on the trip to Spain. She's afraid it might be difficult for him, because they were together in San Sebastian. Both Brett and Cohn lied to him. Jake takes it all calmly, and sarcastically tells her congratulations. Then Brett starts to tell Jake about Cohn, how he acted during the trip. This is very insensitive, but Jake only makes one crack. Jake suggests that Brett find out if Cohn still wants to come.

Jake doesn't see Brett until the night before the trip to Spain. Cohn not only doesn't mind coming, he's actually excited about seeing Brett, even though he knows her fiancé will be there too. They expect this means Cohn will behave well. Mike and Brett will travel to San Sebastian, then meet them in Pamplona. Bill and Jake take the morning train to Bayonne.

On the train, Bill and Jake aren't able to get tickets to the first lunch service, and have to wait until past four to eat. There are a group of Catholics on the train, and they have booked the dining car all afternoon. Jake and Bill can't even bribe their way into an earlier lunch. There is an American family seated near them, and they tell Jake and Bill that the Catholics who've hogged all the lunches are American pilgrims, on their way to Biarritz and Lourdes. Bill gets very angry at this, because he thinks the Catholics are getting special treatment. The family decides to try to get some food, and they walk back to the dining car.

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Bill and Jake are able to at least get sandwiches, and they eat their snack and watch the countryside go by. There is a brief stop, and when Jake and Bill get back on, the American family is there. They got to eat, because the waiter mistook them for some of the pilgrims. They sat down, and three of the pilgrims got sent back. The father comments on how strong the Catholic Church is, and Bill accosts a priest and asks him when Protestants get to eat. The priest doesn't understand.

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Jake and Bill finally get to eat. The country they travel through is quaint and beautiful. They arrive in Bayonne after dinner. They say good-bye to the family, who is traveling on to Biarritz (but not for a pilgrimage; they want to swim and relax). Cohn is waiting at the station. Jake introduces Bill, and the three of them take a cab to the hotel, where they each have a nice room.

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