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The Sound and the Fury Objects/Places

Benjy's bellows: Benjy bellows and moans several times throughout the novel. Though he cries when he is upset, he bellows especially loudly whenever anyone says the name, 'Caddy.'

Caddy's dirty drawers: The night of their grandmother's funeral, the children help Caddy climb a tree outside their house to see what was going on inside. From the other children's view, the only things they could see were Caddy's muddy drawers. Dilsey later scolds Caddy thoroughly for dirtying her clothes. When both Benjy and Quentin think back on that night as kids, the image of their sister's muddy drawers stands out clearly in their minds.

Watch: Watches and time seem to trouble Quentin through the entire section he narrates. After he destroys the face of his own heirloom watch, he goes to the repair store, and wants to know desperately if any of the watches there tell the correct time. Mr. Compson offers his son a lot of depressing adages about watches and time, which Quentin repeats during his section. Quentin is always concerned with what time it is, and he describes in detail the ringing of the bells at Harvard, signifying the passage of an hour.

Honeysuckle: The scent of honeysuckle haunts Quentin, even when in Boston, where hardly any honeysuckle grows. He says he associates the smell with his house, his family, and especially Caddy. Obsessed with his sister, honeysuckle is always present whenever he describes her and her affairs.

Pasture: The family used to own a pasture, across from their house, which they sold in order for Quentin to go to Harvard. Benjy now hangs on the outskirts of it, watching people play golf on it. While the Compsons owned it, Benjy used to play in the pasture with Caddy. Both Caddy and Quentin went to the pasture when they needed to be alone and away from other members of the family.

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