Chapter 10 Notes from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 10

A week later, Papa and Mama talk about how much money they have left. They have very little, but they don't want to ask Hammer for any, because they don't want him to know what happened to Papa. If he found out, he would get very angry and probably get himself killed. They worry that Mr. Morrison might be hurt too, because of the way he beat up the Wallaces that night. Just then, Mr. Morrison says he is going to bring a planter to a neighboring farm, and the children go with him. On the way back, the Wallaces' truck appears, and they park it in the way of Morrison's wagon. Morrison won't listen to the Wallaces' taunts. He simply picks up the truck and moves it, to everyone's astonishment. Back at the house, Mama worries that Mr. Morrison has made the Wallaces even angrier. He wants to stay with the Logans and help them, though, so Mama says no more.

Several days later, Jeremy comes by to tell the children he is sorry about what happened to Papa. He asks about T.J., and although Stacey knows T.J. has become a thief, he says nothing. Jeremy says he would like to live in a tree--he already has a tree house. Jeremy tries to be friendly, but the children still do not fully trust him.

Mr. Morrison brings a note from Harlan Granger saying that the bank is calling in their debt. Not knowing what else to do, Papa calls Hammer, who says he will get the money somehow. Mama is angry, because since they are no longer bothering the Wallaces, Granger has no need to bother them. Papa tells her, "He's got a need to show us where we stand in the scheme of things. He's got a powerful need to do that." Chapter 10, pg. 233 Papa is still confident they will not lose the land.

Soon after, the weeklong religious celebration called the Revival begins. There is a huge feast and a party. One day as they are eating, they see Hammer coming down the road. He has sold his car to give the money to Papa. Hammer leaves a few days later, and though everyone misses him, they are also glad he is not around to make trouble.

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T.J. comes to the revival with R.W. and Melvin. He is dressed well, and everyone knows he has stolen the clothes. The white boys are obviously making fun of him behind his back. He announces that they are going to get him the gun he wanted. He seems upset when none of his black friends are impressed by this, and he leaves with the white boys.

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