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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Objects/Places

school: The Logan children have to walk for miles to reach their school, and are provided only with the oldest and most ignorant textbooks, while the white children ride to school on a bus and are given far better supplies.

land: Cassie slowly begins to understand why the land is so important to her father. The family has owned it for fifty years, and it keeps them from living in total poverty, because they do not have to depend on someone else to have a place to live. The land is beautiful, and it gives them freedom.

Wallace store: Though it is the only store where most black people can buy supplies, the Wallace store is run by vicious racists. When the Logans try to get their neighbors to boycott the store and shop somewhere else, the Wallaces and their friends (owners of the cotton fields the black people work in) lower wages and threaten to call in debts. This makes it impossible for the very poor black people to avoid the Wallace store.

gun: The gun is very expensive and ornate, and T.J. wants it more than anything in the world. Eventually, he steals it, and is caught and arrested by white men who want to kill him.

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