I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Quotes

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Quotes

Quote 1: "From freedom Deborah Blau smashed headlong into the collision of the two worlds. As always before it was a weirdly silent shattering. In the world where she was most alive, the sun split in the sky, the earth erupted, her body was torn to pieces, her teeth and bones crazed and broken to fragments. In the other place, where the ghosts and shadows lived, a car turned into a side drive and down a road to where an old red-brick building stood." Part 1, Chapter 1, Pg. 12

Quote 2: "Januce" Part 1, Chapter 3, Pg. 20

Quote 3: "one day [she] was walking home from school and Lactamaeon came to her and said, 'Three changes and Their Mirrors, and then Death.'" Part 1, Chapter 8, Pg. 58

Quote 4: "Deborah, watching, saw what would be to her forever after the symbol of the impotence of all mental patients: the blow again, calm and accurate and merciless, and the spitting back again and again." Part 2, Chapter 13, Pg. 100

Quote 5: "I never promised you a rose garden. I never promised you perfect justice . . . and I never promised you peace of happiness. My help is so that you can be free to fight for all of those things. The only reality I offer is challenge, and being well is being free to accept it or not at whatever level you are capable. I never promise lies, and the rose-garden world of perfection is a lie . . . and a bore, too!" Part 2, Chapter 13, Pg. 103

Quote 6: "nganon" Part 2, Chapter 17, Pg. 142

Quote 7: "not sicker. Not sicker at all." Part 3, Chapter 21, Pg. 182

Quote 8: "her presence was making them struggle with Maybes. Suddenly she realized that she was a Doris Rivera, a living symbol of hope and failure and the terror they all felt of their own resiliency and hers, reeling punch-drunk from beating after beating, yet, at the secret bell, up again for more." Part 3, Chapter 29, Pg. 250

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