Chapter 6 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 6

Dr. Fried asks Deborah about the tumor and the surgery. Deborah recounts the memories of the way that the doctors lied to her about the pain of the surgery, promising that it wouldn't hurt when it was actually excruciating. She also remembers the shame of having something wrong with her in such a private part of her body. The tumor made her feel dirty and diseased. As self-inflicted punishment for being wrongly made and then deceived by the doctors, Deborah felt the pain of tumor long after it was removed. Dr. Fried was indignant for the child that Deborah had been, and Deborah was surprised that she cared enough to be angry with the lying doctors.

Topic Tracking: Deceit 5

During the discussion, Deborah let a Yri word slip, and in a panic, she slipped away into the Pit out of fear that she'd have to tell its secrets to the doctor.

During their next session, Deborah struggles back from Yr to tell Dr. Fried about school and the summer camp where she was an outsider from the beginning because she was Jewish. Her isolation had caused Yr's creation, but she didn't tell the doctor that.

Topic Tracking: Friendship 2

That night on the ward, Deborah cut her arm with the ragged lid of a tin can. She was moved up to the Disturbed ward.

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