Chapter 4 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 4

They tell Suzy, Deborah's younger sister, that Deborah is at a convalescent school. Esther's father disagrees with putting Deborah into a mental hospital because he sees so much of himself in the girl's acid wit and stubbornness that he can't accept the idea that she might be ill. She is his favorite granddaughter. Eventually, however, Esther's parents come to accept Jacob and Esther's decision to get help for their daughter, but only after Esther's sister -- the family favorite -- suggests that maybe Deborah is ill.

Topic Tracking: Deception 3

Jacob and Esther want to visit Deborah, so they write to the hospital. When Dr. Fried asks Deborah if she'd like to see her parents, Deborah withdraws. She eventually agrees to see her mother, but she doesn't want to see Jacob. She doesn't explain that she doesn't want to see him because she knows that his fear might overcome him and he might take her away from the hospital where she's finally getting help.

Topic Tracking: Fear 4

After answering the doctor, Deborah falls away into the Pit in Yr where she exists without thought, feeling, or will. Nothing exists in the Pit, not even meaning. When she's in the Pit, she is unaware of the world outside of the void she's in, and coming out of this state is frightening and disorienting for her.

Jacob is hurt that Deborah won't see him, but he insists on driving Esther to the hospital anyway.

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