Chapter 28 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 28

Deborah is unable to get a job because she didn't graduate from high school. The idea of three more years in a high school at 19-years-old causes anxiety to build so that when a social worker at the hospital tells her about the equivalency exams, her relief is so sudden and so frightening, that Deborah is readmitted to the Disturbed ward.

Once she's back, she tries to burn herself, but she can't do it because she can feel the pain now. She is happy to know that burning is painful because it means that she is well enough to feel things.

Deborah explains to Furii that Yr is no longer the predictable world that it once was. Now earth is more predictable, and she had created Yr to escape the anarchy of earth in the first place. Now it seems that the two worlds have switched places.

Deborah prepares to leave the ward and take the equivalency exam preparation course as soon as possible. She's going back out to try again.

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