Chapter 27 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 27

Deborah learns that Carmen has committed suicide, and she's angry because she thinks that Carmen could have gotten better. Deborah realizes that living means fighting. If she acknowledges the sickness and fights against it, that is living.

Carla takes another go at the world outside, and Deborah decides that it's time for her to take the leap as well. She moves into a boarding house and joins a church choir and a sewing group, but she still feels isolated in the small town where the hospital is located. She talks to Furii about how she can look back on her past and see more light than she could when she first arrived at the hospital. Now she can see some of what was happening in the world around her while she was hiding in Yr. And the more she looks at the gods of Yr, the more she sees that their beauty is the beautiful part of who she is. In the same way, the hatred and criticism of the Collect are her own harsh criticisms of herself.

Deborah talks about how whenever she talks about her art, Carla seems closed off. Then Deborah has a dream that she discovers the bone of Carla's creativity. When she shares that dream with Carla, her friend cries and is happy because she's never had a creative outlet, but she's always wanted one. Deborah sees that she has taken her talent for granted until then, and now she has helped her friend. She is becoming part of the world.

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