Chapter 14 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 14

Jacob and Esther come to visit and insist on seeing Deborah. The girl is withdrawn and disheveled, and the changes in her frighten her parents because they don't know when or if she will ever get better.

After meeting with her parents, Deborah talks to Furii about her father and how he has never understood her. He also always warned her overzealously about lustful men to the point that he made her uncomfortable. Furii suggests that maybe his warnings have to do with his own desires, and this makes sense to Deborah. This awkwardness in their relationship combined with misunderstandings and beatings over trivial things make her fearful of him. She keeps her distance from him.

Looking at the fear in Jacob in light of Furii's explanation, Deborah had a break-through. Her fears of her father had grown with time and emphasis just like the memory of her mother leaving had also grown into some huge shadow. After the break-through, Deborah begins to retreat to Yr, and Furii promises that if they continue their work together to show Deborah what real mental health is, Deborah will be able to make her own choice between the world or Yr.

On the ward, Miss Coral arrives. When Deborah learns that the old woman is educated, Deborah asks Miss Coral to teach her Greek and Latin. Miss Coral agrees to teach what little she remembers.

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