Chapter 11 Notes from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Joanne Greenberg
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Chapter 11

Hobbs commits suicide, and the patients on the Disturbed ward envy his escape from the torment of life. His replacement, Ellis, is just as afraid as Hobbs had been, and so the patients prod at his fear as well. While the women are talking about Ellis, Sylvia speaks. Sylvia usually just stands in the hallway and drools, so when she speaks, everyone stops in surprise. Lee goes to the nurses' station to tell them to call Sylvia's doctor because she spoke. Deborah admires Lee's willingness to step out of herself where she's safe and help another patient on the ward, but at the same time, that idea of dealing with reality for the sake of someone else frightens Deborah. She tries to flee to Yr, but Anterrabae won't let her because she has made a favorable connection with earth. When she wakes up from the Pit in a cold pack she hears Anterrabae warn her not to favor earth too much or she will lose Yr.

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McPherson, an attendant who actually treats the patients with kindness and respect, senses the storm that's brewing between Ellis and the women of the ward. To prevent an explosion, he asks Deborah to be nice to Ellis. This request makes her feel like his equal, and she's proud of that, so she complies.

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