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Return of the Native Book 3, Chapters 5 - 8

Mrs. Yeobright finds out about Clym and Eustacia's engagement from village gossip and tearfully confronts her son. Upset that Clym is engaged to Eustacia and upset that he did not tell her, Mrs. Yeobright tries to dissuade him from marrying Eustacia, telling him that Eustacia will be a bad wife. When Mrs. Yeobright declares that she will not accept her son's marriage, Clym replies that his decision to marry Eustacia is final.

Clym had wanted his mother to meet Eustacia before he told her of their engagement, but Mrs. Yeobright's deep dislike of Eustacia prevents him from arranging this meeting. Clym walks alone to the place where he and Eustacia had planned for her meeting with Mrs. Yeobright. Seeing that Clym is alone, a disappointed Eustacia fears that Mrs. Yeobright will never like her and she will lose Clym forever. Suddenly, Clym decides that he and Eustacia should marry as soon as possible. Eustacia agrees to marry him if he promises that they will spend the next six months on the heath before relocating to Budmouth. They agree to marry in two weeks.

Clym moves out of his mother's house and into a small cottage five miles away. He plans to live there alone until Eustacia can join him once they are married. Before he leaves Blooms-End, Clym tells his mother the date of his wedding and asks her to come visit them in their new home. Staunchly refusing, Mrs. Yeobright breaks into tears as Clym bids her a final farewell and leaves her home. Mrs. Yeobright believes that she is forever estranged from her son.

When Thomasin visits her aunt, Mrs. Yeobright asks her if Wildeve is treating her well. Thomasin replies that her husband is usually kind, but he does not give her money when she asks for it. Mrs. Yeobright tells her niece that her husband (Clym's father) had laid aside money for her to divide between Clym and Thomasin when they become of age. When Thomasin asks for her share, Mrs. Yeobright requests that Thomasin ask Wildeve for money and see what he does. Thomasin agrees. She also confesses that she has come to see how her aunt is dealing with Clym, for she has heard of Clym's engagement and departure. Thomasin tries to comfort her aunt, but Mrs. Yeobright is not to be soothed by Thomasin's words. Saddened by her cousin and aunt's estranged relationship, Thomasin promises to visit her aunt more often. Meanwhile, Wildeve learns of the impending marriage between Clym and Eustacia from a passing vendor who is headed toward the Vyes'. An upset Wildeve longs for Eustacia--mostly because another man intends to make her his wife.

On the day of Clym and Eustacia's wedding, Mrs. Yeobright is at home, expecting Thomasin's arrival. Thomasin had arranged with her aunt to pick up her share of the guineas. Hearing the church bells ring, announcing the marriage of Clym and Eustacia, Mrs. Yeobright thinks to herself what a mistake the marriage is. She gets an unwelcome surprise when Wildeve comes to pick up the money--but he does not know that what he is receiving from Mrs. Yeobright is money, only that he is picking up a parcel for Thomasin. Mrs. Yeobright learns that Thomasin was wanted to participate in Clym and Eustacia's wedding and therefore could not pick up her share of the guineas. However, Mrs. Yeobright does not trust Wildeve, so she dismisses him. Remembering that Thomasin and Clym are both at Mistover, she decides to send the money to both of them by way of Christian Cantle, who is told strictly to hand the money to Clym and Thomasin.

Along the way to Mistover, Christian runs into other heath-men who invite him to a raffle (a gambling match) at the Quiet Woman Inn. In the raffle, every man puts in a shilling apiece, and a man wins a gown-piece for the woman he loves.

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Christian wins the raffle. Inspired by his good luck, he tells Wildeve about the money he is carrying for a relation of Wildeve. Once he hears that Christian has Thomasin's money, Wildeve decides to gamble with Christian for the money. Outside, the two of them gamble privately, with Wildeve winning all of the guineas. Christian is anguished when he loses the money and he has to admit that half of the money belongs to Clym. The two men leave, when the reddleman approaches Wildeve. Venn was at the Inn when Christian said he had Mrs. Yeobright's money. He admits to eavesdropping on Wildeve and Christian's conversation and places a bet with Wildeve for the money. Believing the money to be all Thomasin's, he is determined to win the money back. Venn and Wildeve gamble, and Venn proceeds to win all of the guineas, to Wildeve's outrage.

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They each depart, Wildeve leaving in disgust, but stopping at the sight of Clym and Eustacia's carriage coming up the road. When Venn sees them down the road, he asks for Thomasin. He is told that she will be approaching soon and waits for her; Thomasin approaches with Charley driving her carriage. Venn gives her the guineas, telling her it is from Mrs. Yeobright.

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