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Return of the Native Book 5, Chapters 4 - 6

Eustacia returns to find her grandfather's house locked up. Charley tells her that Captain Vye has left for a day trip and will not be returning until later that night. Seeing how anguished Eustacia is, an infatuated Charley cannot resist helping her get inside the house through a window, after which he bustles about, trying to comfort her. He brings her food and builds a fire in the fireplace. When he catches her looking at Captain Vye's collection of pistols, he locks the guns up. Charley refuses to unlock them, though he promises that he will not reveal what he saw to anyone.

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When Captain Vye returns, he is surprised to see Eustacia but asks no questions.

A week passes before Eustacia can leave the house, if only to wander around the property. She sees a wagon, filled with her furniture, and realizes that Clym must have sent it over. Her grandfather confirms that Clym has moved back to Blooms-End.

As a surprise for Eustacia, Charley lights up a bonfire for her on the 5th of November. She watches the fire die down and hears a splash in the pool; she is surprised that Wildeve has actually come, thinking she summoned him.

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Eustacia explains to him that she did not light their signal, that it was a surprise for her. But Wildeve has heard of her separation from Clym and he is full of pity and sympathy for her. He declares that the burden of Mrs. Yeobright's death and her removal to Mistover are killing her very soul. As Eustacia sobs, Wildeve begs her to forgive him, and offers to assist her in leaving Egdon. Eustacia asks him to help drive her to Budmouth, where she can find her way to Paris. Although she proposes the idea, she is unsure if Wildeve should accompany her. Finally, she accepts his help and plans to send a signal at eight o'clock in the evening that she is ready to leave, and he must be ready at midnight to pick her up and drive her to Budmouth. Wildeve agrees to the plan.

Clym is living at Blooms-End, wishing that Eustacia would return to him. On the 5th of November, Clym resolves not to dwell on the idea of his wife and decides to visit Thomasin and her husband. He finds that Thomasin is home alone; Wildeve has left suddenly and did not tell his wife where he went. Thomasin is disturbed to hear that Clym and Eustacia have parted and that he is living at Blooms-End. She persuades him to reconcile wit Eustacia.

Returning home, Clym writes Eustacia a letter, begging her with all his heart to return to him and assuring her that he will welcome her with open arms. He decides to send the letter the day after next if she does not come by her own will.

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Meanwhile, Thomasin is anxiously waiting for Wildeve to come home, as she has been waiting for him every evening. When Wildeve arrives, she tells him that she worries about him walking around the heath at night, when he really dislikes living there. Wildeve is surprised to hear Thomasin reply that she is comfortable and content living on the heath. She tells him that she had been born and raised there; she is accustomed to it.

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When Thomasin mentions the heath-folk's rumors of Wildeve and Eustacia's relationship, Wildeve gets mad and they argue.

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