Act 4, Scene 3 Notes from Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Act 4, Scene 3

Juliet enters in her bed chamber with Nurse, who is helping her pick out her wedding clothes for the next day. She tells the Nurse that she wants to be left alone for the night, so that she can pray. Juliet's mother comes in and asks if they need any help. Juliet says no, and asks her to leave and to take the Nurse with her. They leave and Juliet is left in her chamber to contemplate her scheme.

She worries that the potion will not work. She comes up with a back-up plan, a dagger. She will stab herself if the potion fails to work. Then, she wonders if the potion is really poison that the friar gave her so that he could get out of the mess that he made by marrying her and Romeo. She also starts to envision all sorts of horrifying things, like suffocating in the tomb, and waking up only to realize she is surrounded with all of the rotting corpses of her dead family members. Juliet even thinks she sees Tybalt's ghost trying to avenge his death by going after Romeo. With this, she drinks the potion and falls onto her bed.

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