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Return of the King Book 5, Chapter 8

Merry approaches the gate of Minas Tirith as the rain begins to cease. He looks up to see Pippin standing before him. The two embrace and Pippin sees that Merry is hurt. They stagger together to go to the houses of healing. Merry gets more drowsy and Pippin almost drops him but Bergil comes to help. Gandalf comes and takes Merry to be cared for with Eowyn and Faramir. They are all very ill. Gandalf watches them tirelessly. An old woman tells him that the lore of Gondor says that the hands of a King can heal and Gandalf realizes that Aragorn might help.

Aragorn, Eomer, and Imrahil approach the city but Aragorn says that he cannot enter unless bidden by the steward. The Prince and Eomer enter and find the chair of the steward empty. Eomer is elated that his sister is not dead. Gandalf tells them that Eowyn, Faramir and Merry are stricken with dark wounds. He also tells of Denethor's death. Aragorn comes out of the shadows and says he entered because Gandalf sent for him. Pippin is overjoyed to see Aragorn. The ranger looks over the bodies and asks the old lady if they have certain herbs. She says "'Yes...but not enough, I reckon, for all that will need them.'" Book 5, Chapter 8, pg. 151. The herb he wants is called kingsfoil. He tells her to find it. Faramir is almost dead when the herb master comes and says that they do not keep kingsfoil. Aragorn tells him to go find it.

Bergil comes with six older leaves of the herb and Aragorn breaks two of them into boiling water. He lets it steam before Faramir's face and the man wakes. Aragorn tells him to eat and rest for many days. He goes to Eowyn and Aragorn regrets that she had to be such a foe. Gandalf responds that she had the strength to best many men, but the darkness had worked its way into her. Aragorn says that he may be able to help her. He breaks two new leaves and tells her to wake but she doesn't. Eomer tells her to wake after a few moments and she does. She knows that Theoden is dead and though she is saddened, she is happy that he died victorious.

Gandalf and Pippin join Aragorn with Merry. Merry wakes and says that he is hungry. He asks for pipe tobacco and Aragorn says he has not slept for many days and did not come all this distance to give him tobacco. He kisses Merry and leaves. Pippin begins to chatter to his friend. Aragorn and Gandalf tell the warden of the healers that Eowyn and Faramir are not to leave for many days. Many gather to see Aragorn and word circulates that the King has returned. Aragorn leaves quietly and goes to his tent to sleep.

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