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Return of the King Book 6, Chapter 6

After many days, Frodo approaches Arwen and Aragorn and tells them that he must go to Rivendell and then on to the Shire. He longs for home and his uncle Bilbo. Aragorn asks him to wait seven days until Eomer returns to Minas Tirith to bear the body of Theoden home. Arwen explains to Frodo that she chooses to be mortal and remain with Aragorn rather than go across the sea as an elf is entitled. She gives Frodo a white stone on a necklace signifying that when he has tired of this land he may travel with the elves to a better place.

The day of departure comes and all of the remaining original companions ride out with the men of Rohan, Elrond, Galadriel and Arwen. At Edoras, there is a great feast in honor of Theoden and Faramir and Eowyn announce their plans to marry. Aragorn wishes them joy. Eomer releases Merry from his service and Eowyn gives him an ancient horn as a gift. They ride off toward Helm's Deep and then they find that Isengard has been converted into an orchard. Gandalf thanks Treebeard and Aragorn assures him that the help of the ents will never be forgotten in Gondor. Treebeard admits that he let Saruman go a few days before and Grima Wormtongue went with him. Aragorn receives the keys to Orthanc. Legolas and Gimli depart the group to investigate the forests around. Merry and Pippin say farewell to Treebeard. Aragorn leaves with Arwen to return to Minas Tirith.

"Soon the dwindling company, following the Isen, turned west and rode through the Gap into the waste lands beyond, and then they turned northwards, and passed over the borders of Dunland." Book 6, Chapter 6, pg. 291

They enter a mountain range and come upon Saruman dressed as a beggar with Grima following close behind him. Gandalf offers him help but Saruman says that he does not trust Galadriel. Saruman glares at the hobbits and asks them for some pipeweed. Merry gives him some, but Saruman just takes the whole bag and walks off. Gandalf is disappointed that Saruman has fallen so far. They come near Moria and Galadriel departs for her forest. After a couple weeks of traveling, they return to Rivendell. When they come to Bilbo, the old Hobbit tells them that his birthday is the next day. The hobbits stay at Rivendell for a couple weeks. When it comes time for them to go, Bilbo gives them small gifts and asks Frodo to collect his notes and finish writing the tale of the hobbits and the ring. They take their leave the next day and Elrond tells Frodo to look for him and Bilbo in the Shire in another year or so.

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