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Return of the King Book 6, Chapter 5

Doubt almost overcomes Gondor. Eowyn rises two days after the army left for Mordor despite the protests of her healers. She asks for tidings of the war but there are none to be had. She asks the healer who rightly commands Gondor and he points to Faramir. She tells Faramir that she had sought death in battle but did not receive it. He tells her that he cannot command the Warden of healing to release her. A tear falls down her cheek and Faramir says he will get her a window looking east. Despite he dark air, he says, "'Eowyn of Rohan, I say to you that you are beautiful.'" Book 6, Chapter 5, pg. 266. He tells her that it would make him happy if she would stay near him.

Faramir listens to everything the warden has to say about her and then interrogates Merry about her. They walk alone outside the next day and continue spending their time together. After five days they worry that there has been no sign from the east. They watch over the landscape and do not realize that they are clasping each other's hands. Eowyn asks him if he thinks that the final darkness is coming and Faramir says his mind says yes but his heart says no. A messenger comes and heralds the end of Sauron. Merry is called to come to Ithilien but Eowyn stays with Faramir. Eowyn's demeanor gets dark again when she hears that Aragorn is returning. She admits to Eomer that she used to love him. Eomer professes his love for her and her heart softens to him.

Everything is readied in the city for the return of the King. As the army approaches, Faramir stands outside the city and faces Aragorn, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf. Aragorn comes last and Faramir approaches him. Faramir asks the assembled people of Gondor is they will have Aragorn as their king and they shout in assent. He gives Aragorn the crown to coronate himself but Gandalf wants Frodo to present it to Gandalf and the wizard to place it on his head. He enters the city and takes his place in the hall of the kings.

Aragorn makes Faramir prince of Ithilien and offers a new treaty to Eomer. Eowyn tells Faramir that she will go home to Rohan but then return to marry him. The city is rebuilt and the hobbits linger with Legolas and Gimli for some time. Aragorn did not want to dissolve the fellowship.

"'At last all such things must end...but I would have you wait a little while longer: for the end of the deeds that you have shared in has not yet come. A day draws near that I have looked for in all the years of my manhood, and when it comes I would have my friends beside me.'" Book 6, Chapter 5, pg. 277

They live together in a great house but soon Frodo wonders after the Shire. Gandalf says that they will return. One day, Gandalf is not to be found. Aragorn and the wizard left the city. They find a sapling of a magic tree that disappeared from Minas Tirith. Gandalf tells Aragorn that the last age has past. The silver tree is taken back to the city. In the middle of the summer Galadriel and Elrond come to Minas Tirith with Arwen. Frodo understands why they have waited: Aragorn weds Arwen and their long wait ends.

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