Act 2, Scene 2: Friday night. A few weeks later. Notes from A Raisin in the Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun Act 2, Scene 2: Friday night. A few weeks later.

Boxes are strewn all over the living room, as the Younger family prepares to move. George and Beneatha walk inside after what seems like a lovely date. They are sitting on the sofa and George attempts to kiss Beneatha. She pulls away and they proceed to argue over the usefulness of education. Bennie wants to talk with George, but he wants nothing more than physical contact and believes that college is only good for making grades and getting a degree. Bennie disagrees because she craves thoughts and education. George leaves as Mama enters.

Mama asks Bennie why she did not have a good time on her date, and Bennie simply states that George is a fool. Mama understands Bennie and agrees with her, telling her not to waste her time. Bennie is appreciative of her mother for listening and understanding her this once.

Ruth walks in and tells Lena not to bother herself with all the packing. The phone rings and Ruth answers it. It is Mrs. Arnold, the wife of Walter Lee's boss. He has not been to work in three days and is ready to be fired. Ruth covers for him by saying that he is sick, however, he is standing healthy in the room. Walter tells the women about all of his explorative experiences in Chicago over the past few days. During his long speech about the glory of the Southside, Ruth quietly slips out of the room. Mama seems to have come to peace about her problems with Walter, believing herself to be a source. She tells Walter that she put $3500 of the check as a down payment for the house, and therefore has $6500 left. She gives him the money, telling him to put $3000 in an account for Beneatha's medical school and that he should take the rest for himself.

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"And from now on any penny that come out of it or that go in it is for you to look after. For you to decide. It ain't much, but it's all I got in the world and I'm putting in your hands. I'm telling you to be head of this family from now on like you supposed to be" Act 2, Scene 2, pg. 94.

Walter is surprised that Mama trusts him like that. She tells him that she never stopped trusting him, just like she never stopped loving him. She exits, leaving Walter to loudly throw the entire bed up in the air, leaving everything on the floor. He takes the money and leaves quickly.

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