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Pygmalion Sequel

Shaw summarizes the details that conclude the story of his play because he fears lazy readers will assume an ending contrary to his intentions. He will not allow his romance to be misinterpreted as a cliché. Shaw insists that Eliza will not marry Higgins because, as an attractive young women, she does not feel pressure to marry someone and though Higgins could support her he is domineering and insensitive. He also asserts that Higgins is not likely to be very interested in marrying Eliza because his standards are too high, as revealed by his revere for his mother, and because he has other, greater passions than sex. Eliza would have sensed that Higgins could never worship her, whereas Freddy proclaimed his love for her daily. Shaw explains that it is common for strong people look for weaker partners. He says the strong are bored by those who are as strong or stronger than themselves. He concludes that since Freddy was more attractive than Higgins there can be no doubt that Eliza would choose to marry Freddy over Higgins. He verifies this conclusion and gives a synopsis of the beginnings of their life together.

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Neither Freddy nor Eliza had a job or any money to begin their life with. Although Eliza'a father now regularly mingled with the upper class, he refused to support Eliza. They survived in the beginning because of a generous wedding present from Pickering, and eventually they moved in with Higgins and Pickering again. Eliza hazarded suggesting she begin teaching phonetics to support herself and Freddy, but Higgins strongly objected. Pickering suggested that Eliza and Freddy set up a flower shop. The only problem was that a blue-collar station for Freddy would reduce Clara's matrimonial chances. However, Clara's snobbery had recently evaporated after reading H.G. Wells and Galsworthy on the suggestion of friends. She now lived life free from the constraints of feeling she had to make a good impression. In fact, on the day Freddy went to consult with his mother on the topic of the shop, Clara had taken a job in a furniture shop. So, with Pickering's financial help, the couple entered the business world. They failed for quite some time, but after taking classes in bookkeeping and writing, their shop began to prosper. Freddy and Eliza moved out and started their own family, but Eliza continued to meddle in Higgins's housekeeping and to quarrel with Higgins. She sometimes fantasized about getting him to make love to her, but Galatea never really liked her godlike creator, Pygmalion.

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