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A Passage to India Topic Tracking: Religion

Chapter 2

Religion 1: At the Mosque, Aziz feels renewed. He feels most at home there. His body and spirit are unified by his religion in the Mosque. He is more loyal to Islam than to his country.

Chapter 4

Religion 2: Two missionaries discuss God and how he does not exclude any creature from his house. This conversation is ironic against the backdrop of the colonized India.

Chapter 5

Religion 3: Mrs. Moore is a religious woman. She talks to Ronny about the bad and unchristian treatment of the British towards the Indians. She says that God loves everyone and since India is part of the earth, God loves the Indians.

Chapter 7

Religion 4: Religious thought is divided in India. Aziz blames an Indian couple's bad manners on the fact that they are Hindu.

Chapter 13

Religion 5: To put Aziz at ease when Fielding and Godbole do not arrive, she tells him that they will all be Muslims together--signifying their equality.

Chapter 14

Religion 6: Aziz tells Mrs. Moore and Adela that he can not accept the Hindu notion of universality. He believes it is best if every one adheres to his own religion.

Religion 7: In the caves, the 'boum' sound erases all religious thoughts from Mrs. Moore's mind. The echo becomes more powerful than her religion.

Chapter 22

Religion 8: In the aftermath of the incident at the caves, Mrs. Moore loses her interest in religion and all other aspects of life.

Chapter 24

Religion 9: In her despair, Adela strays from her usually intellectual ways and begins praying again.

Chapter 24

Religion 10: In her absence, the Indians at the trial begin to chant Mrs. Moore's name. By mispronouncing her name as Esmiss Esmoor, they have called her the name of a Hindu goddess.

Chapter 33

Religion 11: Mrs. Moore appears in Godbole's head during a spiritual fervor. The visit by Mrs. Moore completes him and brings him closer to God. God is love.

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