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A Passage to India Topic Tracking: Nationalism

Chapter 3

Nationalism 1: The British National Anthem inspires feelings of power rather than patriotism. England's role in India is one of power and control.

Chapter 14

Nationalism 2: While discussing Akbar, a Hindu figure who had a unifying force, Aziz tells Mrs. Moore and Adela that India cannot be united. As a Muslim, he feels divided from the other half of India.

Chapter 24

Nationalism 3: Adela begins to feel guilty about the notion of the British as a civilizing force. She contemplates who gave them the right to control a country. At the same time, McBryde uses a "scientific" approach to prove the racial and national superiority of the British over the Indians.

Nationalism 4: Mahmoud Ali becomes vocal about the unfair role of the British in India. He stands up for Indian nationalism and storms out of the court.

Chapter 25

Nationalism 5: The otherwise pro-British Nawab Bahadur, the most diplomatic and respected of Indians, becomes so inspired by the cruel treatment of his son and the treatment of Aziz by the British, that he renounces his name and title for his Islamic name.

Chapter 30

Nationalism 6: The trial awoke the nationalist spirit in Aziz. He now began to think of the motherland in his poetry.

Chapter 35

Nationalism 7: Aziz expresses his wish not to associate with any British people. He even pushes away the friendship of Fielding.

Chapter 37

Nationalism 8: Aziz and Fielding part ways, knowing they can never be friends as long as the British continue to control India.

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