Chapter 9 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 9

Aziz lies ill in bed. Dr. Panna Lal pays him a house call on behalf of Major Callendar, who wants to make sure Aziz is really ill. The room is crowded with visitors. Fielding enters Aziz's room without being noticed. This flatters Aziz, though he is ashamed of his surroundings. During the visit, Hamidullah begins to talk politics and asks Fielding why the British are justified in holding India and taking away jobs from well-qualified Indians. Fielding frankly tells the others in the room that he is happy to be in India and that is his justification for being there. Hamidullah continues to ask unfriendly questions to Fielding and Aziz is too tired and ill to contribute to their exchange. Fielding leaves the room feeling dissatisfied that Aziz made little effort to talk to him.

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