Chapter 36 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 36

Aziz goes to the European Guest House where Fielding, his wife, and his brother-in-law are staying. He sees Ralph and inquires about his bee stings from earlier in the day. He follows up and examines the boy. His hands and bedside manner are rough, as he is reminded of Callendar's treatment of Nureddin. He refuses to give the boy salve to treat the stings. From the distance, they hear songs and noises from the procession and Aziz kindly holds out his hand. Aziz forgets the caves and asks Ralph if he still thinks him unkind. He replies no, and Aziz asks him if he can tell when a stranger is his friend. He replies that he can and Aziz replies: "Then you are an Oriental." Chapter 36, pg. 349

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This is what he said to Mrs. Moore in the Mosque. He gives the boy the salve and tells him to think of him when he uses it. Ralph tells Aziz that Mrs. Moore said she loved him in her letters.

Aziz decides to take Ralph out on the water, where they hear chanting and festivities from the palace. As the chants reach their peak, a wave pushes Aziz and Ralph's boat into a boat holding Fielding and Stella. The boats collide, and the four plunge in the water while the singing and celebrations carry on. Everyone achieves a sort of spiritual epiphany and mutual friendship.

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