Chapter 35 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 35

Aziz, with his children, runs into Fielding and his brother-in-law by accident. A bee has just stung the brother in law and Aziz attends to him. Fielding tries to get right to the point and asks Aziz why he has never replied to his letters. However, it is raining very hard outside and he never gets an answer. Aziz and Fielding have a cold conversation. Escorting Fielding and his brother-in-law to a carriage, Aziz calls the brother-in-law Mr. Quested. Fielding explains to Aziz that he did not marry Adela, but Mrs. Moore's daughter, Stella. He is escorted by Mrs. Moore's son, Ralph. Fielding is disappointed that Aziz assumed he married Adela because he mentioned his new wife by name several times. Mahmoud Ali knew this and wrote a mean letter back to Fielding. Fielding explains that Adela is their best friend. She introduced the married couple. Regardless of the truth, Aziz's initial embarrassment turns into rage. He tells Fielding not to bother him in Mau. Aziz tells Fielding that the can forgive Mahmoud Ali because he is of the same race. He tells Fielding: "My heart is for my own people henceforward." Chapter 35, pg. 339

He tells Fielding to stop following him. But Mrs. Moore had entered his mind again and he remembered that he made a promise to be kind to her children.

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