Chapter 34 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 34

Godbole tells Aziz that "he" is here in Mau. "He," as Aziz knows, refers to Fielding, who was in town on an official visit. Fielding has gotten married and brings with him his wife and brother in law. Aziz presumes he has married Adela and thus has no desire to see his old friend. A rift began to grow in their friendship ever since the trial ended. Fielding sent Aziz a series of postcards and letters to which Aziz never replied. Then Aziz received a letter from Hampstead, which said that Fielding was to marry a woman that Aziz knew. At that point, he stopped reading the letter, assuming it was Adela. He made Mahmoud Ali answer for him. But Aziz lived happily in Mau with his children. He wrote poetry about Oriental womanhood. He writes that India can not be free until purdah goes away.

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Godbole gives Aziz the note announcing Fielding's arrival. Aziz tears it up.

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