Chapter 33 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 33

Two years later, a religious Birth ceremony takes place in the Hindu region of Mau, where Godbole and Aziz now reside. He is now the Minister of Education in Mau. The ceremonies are very spiritual as the people in town await the birth of a new God. Signs that have been made for the ceremonies contain a misprint and read "God si love" instead of "God is love." In the middle of this spiritual fervor, the image of Mrs. Moore enters the head of Professor Godbole:

"Thus Godbole, though she was not important to him, remembered an old woman he had met in Chandrapore days. Chance brought her into his mind while it was in this heated state, he did not select her, she happened to occur among the throng of soliciting images, a tiny splinter, and he impelled her by his spiritual force to that place where completeness can be found." Chapter 33, pg. 321

Godbole also sees a wasp, which imitates God. These images reawaken Godbole's spirit and put him in the position of God. He is meant to love everyone.

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