Chapter 31 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 31

Aziz begins to think about Fielding's alleged affair with Adela and cannot understand why Fielding could betray him for his enemy: a woman both of them found physically unattractive. Fielding denies it and Aziz accepts his word. Turton orders Fielding to come to the club again. New officials have been placed since the trial, but Fielding sees that the new officials will bring the same old attitude to the club (and to Chandrapore). Later, Fielding tells Aziz that he is going to England. Aziz asks if he will visit Adela. Once again, Aziz begins to suspect that Fielding is in fact consorting with Adela. He now thinks Fielding is going to London to marry Adela for the money he convinced Aziz not to take from the woman.

"Suspicion in the Oriental is a sort of malignant tumor, a mental malady, that makes him self-conscious and unfriendly suddenly; he trusts and mistrusts at the same time in a way the Westerner can not comprehend. It is his demon, as the Westerner's is hypocrisy." Chapter 32, pg. 311

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